Thursday 10 November 2011

Java/J2EE interview questions: - Explanation of working thread .

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  • In working thread scheme, allocates one thread to execute one task.
  • When the task is complete, the thread may return to a thread pool for later use. In this scheme a thread may execute arbitrary tasks, which are passed in the form of a Runnable method argument, typically execute().
  • The runnable tasks are usually stored in a queue until a thread host is available to run them.
  • The worker thread design pattern is usually used to handle many concurrent tasks where it is not important which finishes first and no single task needs to be coordinated with another. The task queue controls how many threads run concurrently to improve the overall performance of the system. However, a worker thread framework requires relatively complex programming to set up, so should not be used where simpler threading techniques can achieve similar results.
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