Saturday 29 October 2011

Java/J2EE interview questions: - How would you create a thread pool in Java/J2EE??

While facing Java/J2EE interview questions you may come across this question by the interviewer. So you can your start with the answer as follows.

public class ThreadPool implements ThreadPoolInt.

This class is an generic implementation of a thread pool, which takes the following input: -
  • Size of the pool to be constructed.
  • Name of the class which implements Runnable and constructs a thread pool with active threads that are waiting for activation. Once the threads have finished processing they come back and wait once again in the pool.
This thread pool engine can be locked i.e. if some internal operation is performed on the pool then it is preferable that the thread engine be locked. Locking ensures that no new threads are issued by the engine. However, the currently executing threads are allowed to continue till they come back to the passive Pool.

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