Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Java interview questions: - Mention the predefined result struts.

In Struts 2 there are certain pre-defined result types which along with its function are explained as below.

Result typeFunction
Chain ResultAction Chaining
Dispatcher Result web resource integration,
includingJSP integration
FreeMarker Result FreeMarker integration
HttpHeader Result control special HTTP behaviors
Redirect Result redirect to another URL (web resource)
Redirect Action Resultredirect to another action mapping
Stream Resultstream an InputStream back to the
browser (usually for file downloads)
Velocity ResultVelocity integration
XSL ResultXML/XSLT integration
PlainTextdisplay the raw content of a particular
page (i.e jsp, HTML)
Tiles Resultprovide Tiles integration

View the following video on Bean Tag with Struts 2 as follows: -

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