Sunday, 20 November 2011

Java interview questions: - 14 important questions asked on String Handling.

During interview following are  Java interview questions which is asked by the interviewer. So do prepare for the interview on this 14 important questions: -
  • Is String a primitive data type in Java?
  • What is the difference between String and String Buffer?
  • Which gives more perform String or StringBuffer?
  • What is difference between string and StringTokenizer?
  • Which package does define String and StringBuffer classes?
  • Which method can be used to obtain the length of the String?
  • How do you concatenate Strings?
  • Which method can be used to compare two strings for equality?
  • Which method can be used to perform a comparison between strings that ignores case differences?
  • What is the use of valueOf( ) method?
  • What are the uses of toLowerCase( ) and toUpperCase( ) methods?
  • Which method can be used to find out the total allocated capacity of a StrinBuffer?
  • Which method can be used to set the length of the buffer within a StringBuffer object?
  • What is StringBuilder?
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