Saturday 14 July 2012

Java Training: -Mention about SOAP?

SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables software components and applications to communicate with one another. It defines rules to translate application and platform-specific data into the XML format. SOAP allows you to communicate with the Web Service using protocols such as HTTP and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

SOAP has three main sections:-

Envelope: Contains elements such as the header and body of the SOAP messaging structure. It also includes an encodingStyle attribute that specifies the representation of data in messages.

Header: Encapsulates extended messages without adding or modifying the standard message flow.

Body: Contains Web application-specific data. It defines the purpose of sending the message. The body element should be the first element under the envelope element if there is no header element.

Below is a snippet of a sample SOAP header.

See the following video on Web service in Java: -

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