Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Java Interview Questions: - How will you explain EAR, JAR and WAR file?

Following is the differences between EAR, JAR and WAR file asked during Java Interview Questions.

JAR: - EJB modules which contains enterprise java beans class files and EJB deployment descriptor are packed as JAR files with .jar extension

WAR: - Web modules which contains Servlet class files, JSP FIles,supporting files, GIF and HTML files are packaged as JAR file with .war( web achive) extension

EAR: - All above files(.jar and .war) are packaged as JAR file with .ear ( enterprise archive) extension and deployed into Application Server

SAR (Service ARchive): -  It provides a service.xml file and accompanying JAR files. And used in case of SOA

APK (Android Application Package):- A variant of the Java archive format, is used for Android applications

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